Thursday, July 23, 2015

Easter etc.

Did you know it's super easy to do a blog post when you use google photos? seriously, this takes half the time.  ok--we're going waaay back.  Here are some photos of Will from February--I try to snap pictures often to remember all his phases.

We went to a St. Patty's day parade with our good friends, the Mongillos.  We really miss them!

We went to the springtime village at Purina Farms.  James and Isaac loved watching the dog show.

 Playing in the barn

 Wagon ride behind a tractor

We went on a road trip down to Branson.  Bucket list, check.  Never need to go there again! But it was fun.  And we stopped by Laura Ingalls Wilder's house.  I still read the Little House books--classics. 

Branson Landing

Ready to go swimming at the waterpark at our hotel. 
Had to get a picture of three boys crammed in our Corolla. Good times--I miss driving that car now that we have bought a van.  
 Taking a break from the waterpark to go hiking. 

 The adults thought the hike was the best part of our trip.  Love getting outside. 

And after that, it was my birthday. 

 "I love you even when you make mistakes"!  I wonder where Isaac heard that...

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