Thursday, January 29, 2009


Isaac said momom first, just for the record. But it’s really cute to hear him say dada too. The flailing arms is classic Ike—he makes me nervous sometimes. It’s like he’s saying, “Whatever you’re doing, mom, do it faster!”

We were able to go to the temple last week thanks to some good friends who came over and hung out while Isaac was in bed. (He went to bed a 6 PM.) I prayed in my mind all day that Isaac would sleep through our absence—I was really worried about leaving him. Apparently my praying throughout the day really worked, because Isaac slept until an unheard of 2:30 AM, ate, and then went back to sleep until 7 AM. Wow! He usually wakes up 2 or 3 times a night.

I ran out of sweet potatoes and bananas last week so I gave Isaac applesauce instead for a couple days. Now that he has tasted that goodness, he will not go back! He will not eat anything except applesauce and rice cereal. Any suggestions?

also a classic Isaac pose

Monday, January 12, 2009

Two flights and two teeth later

I can’t believe Christmas vacation is already over! We flew home to Utah the Saturday before Christmas. Trophy goes to the St. Louis Airport, which has numerous rocking chairs which I took use of during our small wait for our flight. Isaac did very well on both of our flights. And we got extra peanuts because we had a baby!

Blake stayed two weeks and I stayed two and a half weeks. We really missed Blake when he left, especially because Isaac slept horribly for our whole stay and Blake was nice enough to take Isaac when he woke up at 5 AM and let me sleep. We’re not sure whether Isaac just knew he wasn’t at home, or whether waking up every two or three hours at night is just par for breaking two teeth! Great timing on that one.

It was fun to see the interactions between Isaac and his cousins. Eli was entranced by Isaac and wanted to hug him. Gavin wanted to give him toys. Seth always wanted him to sit in his lap. Justin said Isaac was cute. Kate constantly asked, “Can I hold him?” Hannah and Isaac batted and kicked at each other, excited to find someone their own size. Joshua just stared. Matthew was jealous and wanted Isaac’s toys.

Christmas was great, as always. Isaac got way too many toys, with which he has played and gotten sick of and now wants bigger and better things like space heaters and laptops.

Highlights: We went to see the lights at temple square. I think Isaac liked it. However, he didn’t like the Gateway mall or Park City outlets and fell asleep. We watched the Sugar Bowl—GO UTES! My mom’s stovetop exploded, sending glass shards into my back, as well as Chris’ and Bekah’s. No one was hurt. We got to use Blake’s parents’ elliptical to work out. We had a waffle party with old high school friends. I got to sew with Bekah. Blake and I went on a “date” to my sister’s new house to dinner. We left Isaac at home in bed which makes the first time we have been alone together since his birth.

Now that we’re home, Isaac is sleeping much better. He’s also using his new teeth—last Saturday he bit me so hard he drew blood and now it is really painful to nurse him. And we’re working on getting him to crawl. We lay him on his tummy and put something in front of him. He’ll get excited and scoot backwards (the wrong way). Or he’ll scoot sideways. But he’s moving a little! He’s getting so old! He’s a good little eater, as always. We have fed him rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, peach, and applesauce so far.

6 month photos (before Christmas)(didn't copy very well)

self photo


4 Generations

cousin Seth

quilting with Bekah

The aftermath: can you see his teeth?