Sunday, December 22, 2013

November and December

I got kind of picture-d out on our trip in October.  Here are some random ones I have taken since then.

Andrew had a birthday.  We made him Cafe Rio and German Chocolate cake.

Playing outside.  We try not to make coats a battle and these kids are never cold.  No mom, it's warm, I true-ly.  It was so cold this day but superheroes don't wear coats. 

Thanksgiving was somewhere in here.  We feasted with some friends this year.  Later I made a turkey and such for just our family so Blake could have turkey sandwiches for a week.

We made gingerbread houses.  Isaac made that day super fun for me by complaining nonstop how he wanted his own gingerbread house and his own tree and gingerbread man and the makeshift house we made out of graham crackers for him wasn't good enough.  

 Good picture for how this ended.  In disappointment for all.  

We have been shocked that not only has it already snowed in St. Louis, but it has snowed twice. Blake and Isaac made a huge fort. 
Isaac eating "ice cream"

Also, somewhere in there we have all been sick this year coughing, throwing up, getting rashes, etc.  I personally have pulled three muscles from coughing and lost three pounds throwing up.  Fun times.  We've also tried to get James to sleep in a toddler bed in Isaac's room and that has not been super successful so far.  Maybe the baby will have to sleep with Isaac instead. 

christmas card 2013

Blake and I disagreed on the Christmas card this year--since in this photo everyone else looked terrific except me!  But we sent it out anyway.  

Blake moved up to resident year three
Less time at work makes it almost easy.

Marie had a year of extreme highs and lows
Running, cooking, cleaning keep her on her toes.

Isaac started kindergarten and loves riding the bus
Busy reading, writing, counting, he hardly misses us.

James is as fiery as a red-head can be
Wrestles, plays trains, rides bikes happily.

Baby three, long awaited, is sure to bring us joy
In April we meet our third little boy.

Merry Christmas!