Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day!

Blake had the day off today and when we opened the blinds, what did we see but snow!! It was so exciting. Isaac and Blake got dressed right away and went out. I tried to get James and I ready to go but by the time we got almost ready, Isaac was cold and ready to come in. Poor James looking out the window wishing he could have gone.
But that's ok because after trekking to the grocery store it warmed up slightly and we were ready to go out again. We broke out our new sled! I bought it for the kids for Christmas but hid it so well I forgot about it. I guess that's a good thing because it would have been disappointing to get a sled for Christmas and not be able to use it until now, 3 weeks later.

Look at that pure joy!

It may not look like it, but we have a terrific sledding hill just steps away from our back door. It is big enough that it's lots of fun but not too big that it's too hard to walk back up. And we had it all to ourselves!

We were so glad Daddy was here for our snow day!

Forest Park on New Year's Eve

We've been enjoying wonderful weather lately, just like everyone else, I think. Just yesterday we ate lunch outside in our front yard. Blake had New Year's Eve off but had to work the night shift that night. But we had fun during the day with the fam.

As much as Isaac loves his new bike, James LOVES his "new" trike. Actually, it makes Isaac jealous and lots of times he also wants to ride the trike. And then James will scream because he wants it.

Some of these pictures are out of focus but I love them anyway. Like this next one where you can tell that Isaac is balancing so well on his bike because his feet are way off the ground.