Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Many adventures

My nesting has taken the form of not cleaning, but hurry and visit all the places you've wanted to visit before the baby comes. Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Pick your own apples at Eckert's Farm. Wholesome family fun!


Isaac's favorite part was riding to and from the fields on the "cu" = truck = wagon behind a tractor.

There was a fun little fair outside where we got to sit on tractors, ride John Deere trikes, play mini golf, and be jealous of those big kids riding the horses and swings.

Bee Tree park on memorial day
How the first 15 minutes of our hike went
How the rest of our hike went

I want mom to carry me now

We found a half price day for the Meramec Caverns so we braved the hour drive down there. Isaac did really well in the car, both ways, and was in awe of the cave when we got there. He wouldn't let us put him down the whole time. I was just glad we didn't have to worry about him touching things that weren't to be touched. It was a neat cave with lots of awesome stalactites and stuff. There was a little free fair outside and Isaac got to ride a little tractor train twice!

The Great Forest Park Hot Air Balloon Race. Blake and I have attended every year we've lived here.

Isaac loved the "la la"s and would wave "bye bye" to the people inside, who were also waving.

He maybe loved his blonde brownie more than the "la la"s.
Possibly the only pregnant picture of Marie to ever be published.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

We'll miss you, Owen

You've been the best little brother in training we could have asked for.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

We heart Forest Park

I am too fat to have pictures taken of me. So last Sunday I had fun taking lots of pictures of Isaac and Blake, who are always cute.
Classic lampposts all over our neighborhood
"The "choo" is over there..."
Silly boys
Funny how fun it is to go up and down stairs
Probably my favorite

The excitement of the month is that I finally gave in and bought Isaac some crocs. They were his first shoes last year and he loved them. Owen has some so whenever he comes over and takes them off, Isaac jumps on them and squeezes his feet in them. So we went to the mall a week ago and bought fluorescent yellow crocs and now interspersed between Isaac's random talk about "choo choo"s is "shoe! mall! buy!"

This pregnancy is going by really fast. I forgot how crazy I get--sorry to Blake. I am very sensitive, whereas usually I feel like a have a pretty thick shell. We rented a movie the other night and I ended up bawling, "What if you die and I have to tell Isaac you weren't coming home anymore? He wouldn't understand and would be so sad." This was only slightly related to the plot of the movie we were watching. This is the quilt for baby.

We submitted residency applications! St. Louis, Portland, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Iowa City, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, etc.