Tuesday, October 30, 2012

James turned 2

James' birthday ended up being in many fragments.  First, we had visitors come.  Grandpa Kent and Grandma Karen came and we had fun playing outside, picking up sticks, going to the Magic House, going Christmas shopping, etc.  

James has started to run.  This picture is out of focus but I love how it shows his running stance.  This week after I came home from running and Blake headed out for his turn, the kids wanted to run too.  So Isaac put on his "running shoes" and we went down to the path and ran together.  James gets frustrated that Isaac runs so much faster so I ended up carrying him quite a bit but Isaac ran/walk for almost 2 miles.  I was getting pretty tired of carrying James so good thing Blake came upon us and helped us get back home.

 We went to a pumpkin farm.  It feels so festive to go and play and ride in a wagon but we actually bought our pumpkins beforehand at the grocery store.

 I love how we're all excited to ride in the wagon and Kent is on his cell phone.

Two cute boys.  I always say that when I am carrying both kids downstairs after they wake up in the morning. James says "two boys!"

 We went to the arch.  Blake and I have lived here over 5 years and never been to the top.  So we did it.

 This is a common sight.  They love to wrestle but someone is always unhappy at the end.  James starts it more often than not.

Here's our elevator to go up to the top of the arch:

 Up at the top, looking out the tiny windows:

 So the Saturday before James' birthday, since we had visitors, we made a cake and sang to James.
 We had to light the candles twice since Isaac was a little too good at "helping" James blow them out.
 He opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa (which, let's face it, was most of his birthday).
 putting together the Little People garage:
 such a James face!
 mmm, cake.  James has discovered that some things taste really really good and other things aren't as sweet and good and if he waits long enough that something really delicious will appear.  Also, the things on Momma's plate and Dadeee's plate are way better, even if the same things are on his plate.  Sometimes I just want to eat what's on my own plate by myself with my own fork so I've taken to hiding behind the fridge and eating at the counter.

Blake had to work his 28 hour shift on James' birthday so I had a little party at the playground for him.

Lots of kids came and got messy with us.  I think everyone had to take a bath that night.  It had rained earlier but cleared up a few hours before the party so it was beautiful and warm but the sandbox was pretty wet.  I bought a packet of plastic bugs for the kids to find and play with in the sandbox.  And we ate cupcakes and that was it.  I'm not a huge party planner.

James eats the frosting and that's it.  He does that with peanut butter sandwiches too.

These are some of the moms that I get to chat with while our kids play!  We love having so many friends in our little apartment complex.

 And here is James saying enough kisses already!  let me go get dirty!

So then the day after his birthday we opened the rest of his presents but didn't have cake and then on friday when Blake had the day off we took the boys to ride the trains at the Museum of Transportation.  They loved that, even though it was freezing.  We were glad we braved the cold because James is still talking about "ride choo choo!"  So he had four days of partial birthday celebrating but I'm not sure he ever really understood we were celebrating him.  So James, some day you will know that we love you and are glad you're part of our family! (even if your birthday was a little disjointed.)

James is becoming such an independent little boy.  He is so mischievous some times and can also give some great "I'm sorry" pats.  He also loves to be squished and will put his arms under yours and give you a hug and giggle when you squeeze him so tight.  He loves to lay on top of Isaac and wrestle and is happy doing anything Isaac does.  He surprises us all the time with things he understands or all of a sudden says.  He is a sweet guy and plays well with other kids. He loves markers and pens and legos and playdough and trucks.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

october so far

We have a crabapple tree in our front yard which has dropped a thousand tiny little balls on our lawn.  The kids kept slipping on them and falling on their bums (especially James) and I mentioned that we should borrow a rake and rake them up.  Isaac thought that was a terrific idea and didn't let me forget it.  So a week later we finally went to the office and borrowed a rake for the day.  Isaac was in pure heaven "working".  "I'm a hard worker, right?"  When we made a dent in the apples, I sat down to relax a little bit.  James decided it would be more fun to sit in the box that we were using to take the crabapples to the dumpster.  And Isaac willingly started pushing him.  So of course I ran and grabbed the camera.  Such a cute brother moment.

 See, you never knew raking was so much fun!  Isaac loved it and still asks if we can borrow a rake again.  Actually, he's even asked me if Santa can bring us a little rake.

So then I tried to take a picture of James and he ran away, down to the end of the sidewalk to his usual hiding spot, behind a bush.  Isaac followed, because who doesn't like hiding from mom?

James is such a tease sometimes.  So he would run to me like he was going to let me take his picture and then stop and run back to the bush.  He is a big tease to Isaac too.

Isaac also loves to fill buckets with grass, leaves, sticks, crabapples, acorns, etc. and take them to the dumpster.  Oh, how I hate going to the dumpster!

We scored a bench at the dumpster, which slightly raised it in my estimation, which has a lift-up lid for all of our various outdoor toys.  We were getting to have quite a pile and now it is convenient to have a place to put them and sit down occasionally when we are playing outside (all the time).

Last weekend we went out to Grant's farm.  We don't go there a ton although it is pretty close to our house. It is a fun outing but we are so cheap we don't like to pay for parking so we park a mile away and walk which turns it into a big deal.  Anyway, the kids loved the "train" ride into the park.

We bought $1 bottles to feed the goats.

James had to use all his muscles to keep the bottle in his hands!  And then when the goats were done, he thought he could taste it too.  yuck!!!

Isaac wanted a picture of the elephant.   Ok, so the farm was decked out in halloween decorations.  There was a weird looking guy by the elephants that had a grey face, white beard, and a robe.  James pointed to it and said "Jeejee!"  (I'll let you guess what he meant.)

Having a snack, carrot-zucchini-pineapple muffins, of course.  Have to get in some veggies somehow.

llama llama!

The other morning we were walking around picking up sticks to make dinosaur bones and Isaac found a frog!  "Mom, take a picture!"  

Later that day, we ate lunch outside and the kids were being so good sitting side by side eating so I grabbed my camera and when I came back out, this is what I found:
(the contents of James' plate on the ground)

Everything else is same old.  Blake is still working hard and we are still plugging along and finding fun things to do.  Isaac does a little co-op preschool with two other kids.  Last time we had it here we did I for Isaac and made ice cream.  I fill every spare minute of my free time with reading, exercising, sewing, and editing photos.  I made Isaac some halloween pj pants that he will not wear because they are not the "sameas" James' (his old ones).