Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fourth of July and stuff

Jeremiah, Megan, Hannah, and Zeke visited us for the Fourth. Isaac loved having Hannah around, even when they were fighting over toys they didn't really want but the other wanted it so it must be worth fighting over. I love it when my family visits. We had a good time swimming and going to the zoo and even catching the Webster Groves fireworks. It was quite a show and worth keeping the kids up for. I cried when they left...

Hannah took some lessons from Isaac about hanging out in your underwear.

These two boys looked so cute in their matching rompers! Interesting fact: They share two of their three names.

Blake obviously has started residency. Yes, we see less of him, but it's going just fine. Isaac has switched from being a Daddy's boy back to being a Mommy's boy. "No, Mommy do it!" Isn't Blake handsome in his new long white coat?

Besides that, we've been doing a lot of swimming, playing with trucks and trains, running to parks, sweating like crazy, and playgroups. And James learned to crawl two weeks ago! More recently, a couple days ago he started cruising, still very unsteadily. We've had many crashes.

I know in the video it doesn't look like he's crawling, but this was his first day and trust me, he was moving! Now he's much more adept. He can find me anywhere! (and any paper and cereal.)

If you ever

think you want to wash that hand-dyed wool quilt that's never been washed, don't. Even if you think it's dirty from hanging up in your son's room for three years gathering dust. It's fine. If you really want to, swish it in some water. Definitely don't put soap on it. And if that soap makes the colors run, leave it. That stinks, but it's ok. DON'T EVER EVER EVER put oxiclean on it. I love oxiclean. But oxiclean and wool quilts do not mix. You will be left with a chain reaction of every dye in the quilt running running and dye staining your sink and your bathtub.
It used to be beautiful. There used to be white in it.