Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's in a name?

We had a couple names but decided Isaac was it. Isaac means “he laugheth”. He is named after the biblical Isaac, the firstborn of Sarah who was promised to her after her long wait for children. I feel like Isaac was promised to me in the temple. Blake and I had differing opinions about when we should start having kids. We talked about it and finally compromised that we could start having kids after Blake’s first year of medical school. When I started working after graduating, I just felt wrong about going to work. I wanted to be at home, having babies! I had a really hard time with it and would get particularly stressed about it on Sunday nights when I knew the next day was Monday and I had 5 long days of work ahead of me. So I prayed a lot about if our decision was right. Blake and I decided when we went to the temple that we would make it the focus of our prayers. While I was there in the celestial room, I just had an overwhelming feeling that the right time for us to have kids was after Blake’s first year of medical school. I particularly felt like we would have our first baby in June 2008.

My dates were off when we went to the doctor for the first time—I could have been due as soon as May 2. But the doctor said I looked like I was due at the end of May and set us up for an ultrasound, which confirmed that the due date was June 1. I had an additional confirmation as the technician told us the due date that this was the right time and this baby was meant for us!

His middle name is Joseph, after his father Blake Joseph, his maternal grandfather John Joseph, and his paternal grandfather, Kent Joseph.

Nicknames: Ike, Sir Isaac (Poor guy is doomed to be teased whenever there is that lesson about the apple and gravity in science class... But I was at the pediatricians the other day and they said they had another patient with the exact same name. So we are not the only mean parents subjecting their kid to potential nerd-dom.), Is (pronounced eyes, after our little friend Jillian who can’t quite get the –aac in.)

Friday, July 25, 2008

We join the super cool blogging crowd...

We finally did it! We started a blog so we can keep in touch with all of our friends and family across the states. Well, it’s mostly to update everyone on our fast-growing little boy because that’s who everyone is interested in. Who cares about Blake and Marie? Nowadays it’s all about Isaac!

So here’s a quick summary so far:

The due date was June 1. Well, Blake and I did all the tricks you hear about but all in vain. The doc didn’t want to go more than a week overdue so we were induced on June 8. I was given pitocin and a sleeping pill at 10 PM. I just had the same old contractions I had felt for a month so they kept upping the dose. Finally at 10:30 AM my water broke. I felt a pop and a gush and saw some blood. Later when I saw Isaac there was a big old scab on his head so I think that when my water broke his head hit something. Anyway, after that I had strong contractions like 2 minutes apart for an hour and a half. Then at noon there were no breaks and they were really strong. I asked for an epidural and during the administration of it 15-30 minutes later I really felt like pushing. They checked me after the epidural and sure enough, I was dilated to 10 cm and ready to push. I had started last night at 2 cm, so I went really fast—2 to 10 in two hours! I started pushing at 1 PM and at 2 PM, he still hadn’t moved from a -2 station. I was starting to get really swollen and they thought that my tailbone was in the way of his head. The nurses called Dr. Hartman so he came in at 3 PM and said that we needed to do a C-section or he could try forceps. He couldn’t guarantee a healthy baby with forceps—there was a 20% chance that something would happen. We opted for a C-section. So he was born at 3:29 PM on June 9 by C-section. Talk about everything happening exactly the opposite way you had planned/wanted. But Blake and I are just happy that we have a healthy little boy.

He was 7 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. He was a long skinny guy.

We love Isaac so much! He is a beautiful baby. One of our blood tests showed that he was at a higher risk for Downs Syndrome, so we were a little apprehensive but he is perfect. We felt like he would be healthy because we had a family fast in January and we felt strongly that everything was ok. I believe in the power of fasting and prayer for a common cause—I know that Isaac was blessed by the faith of our families.

I know, I’m his mom, but I think he’s adorable!

I’ve never been so miserable than after that C-section! Hopefully I won’t have to do that again...

He looks just like his daddy!