Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Isaac's birthday parties

Isaac turned 2!!!
He's such a sweet boy. I am so lucky to be mom to this little, happy, obedient, loving child. He usually is very good at following my directions and not doing naughty things. He always is happy and smiling. He gives great hugs to me and to his bear and other stuffed animals. He always gives his friends hugs, especially if they are littler than him (or a girl). He's getting to be so smart and surprises us every day by things he understands or says. He's very easy to please--just give him a car or train or bear or take him outside and he's good to go. I love him so much. I hope our next little boy is just like him.

We went to the cutest park up the street, had cupcakes, ran around, and some kids played in the fountain. It was a perfect party!

We opened presents at home the day we left for our vacation home to Utah. Nothing too exciting except the water balloons given by a friend.

My sister let us crash the backyard of her new house for our party. It was the perfect venue with a swing set and playhouse. The kids had a blast! The cake was a truck and I don't think Isaac could tell but every time he sees the pictures he remembers how good it tasted and smacks his lips.

Thursday, June 3, 2010