Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy birthday Blake 2013

Yes, we play inside sometimes.  But only once in a while.  James loves playdough (but the picture of him was blurry). Isaac likes it too. 

James watched me take pictures of another family and then he was all ready to get his picture taken.  
I get my mom pride on every time we go out and someone says, "Oh, he is so cute!  Look at that hair!"
And Isaac is super cute too.  And hilarious. I can just hear him saying:  "Ok, well, then I'm not going to..."

Playing at Blackburn park
Oh, finally I get to show off how Isaac is riding his bike!  He is honestly still a little scared of it--I think just because he is still a little small for the bike.  But he can ride it really well--he just needs a confidence boost. 

My kids are always dirty!  Always digging in our dirt, playing in the sandbox, getting sweaty running around, and James likes to crawl underneath the parking structure. 

James likes to ride his "coo coo". 
And Blake had a birthday!  We made him a good breakfast when he got home from his night shift.  We did a scavenger hunt for his presents since Blake did that for my birthday.  Isaac really wanted to do that again.  Blake slept until 2:30 and then we did Insanity together and he took the kids to the sandbox while I finished putting together our pizza picnic.  We took it to Forest Park where it got a little windy but we still had fun running around the World's Fair pavilion.  Andrew met us there.  We went back home after we were all tired of playing tag and had cake and ice cream.  The next day I took Blake on a date to a mexican restaurant. 

This is Blake, sailing along through life and looking ahead to what the next year will bring...

Other than that, we've just been doing our usual stuff:  going to the park as a family, going to the zoo, going to the science center, reading Berenstain Bears, playing at the sandbox (James could dig with a backhoe for hours), running too many dumb errands (buying new running shoes, getting wheat from the Bishop's Storehouse, getting free clothes at Kohl's) but the kids are always so good to go along with me and do whatever we need to do. 

Of course, life is not always awesome: I've put the kids to bed alone for 12 nights of the last 14.  Isaac and James find plenty to argue over--the lastest and most controversial being whose turn it is to pray.  Oh boy, do they both love to pray.  Isaac's usually are short but James sometimes will go on and on.  "Please bless have a nice day.   Please bless daddy stay home and James stay home and Isaac stay home and Mommy stay home.  Please bless the food and the watermelon and the pizza...."  One night we took a picnic to Blake at Demun park in between his clinic and his night shift.  We had a great time and I let the kids stay a little after Blake had to go to work.  Then as I turned around for 10 seconds to shut the gate to the park James walked right out into the street to get to our car right as a big SUV was driving down the road.  James almost died and I almost died.  Oh my heck, just when you think your kids know all the rules and are so good, they do something dumb like walk into the street.  ok, so James was not even scratched or touched and I remember when Isaac scared me to death when he did that when he was 2, so hopefully that is our one James street incident.   Through the next few days we had a lot of reminders about street safety.  Oh, and one night I awoke in a panic because a cockroach was crawling on my arm.  Yuck!  We had the guys spray. 
Just showing a true brother moment: all smiles but fighting over toys!
Next up: a trip to Chicago for Memorial Day! We are excited.