Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Choo? See?

When Isaac says this it means it's time to go for a walk to see the trains (the metro) and swing ("see") at the hospital playground. I've hit the jackpot on walks! I know that lots of pregnant women can run throughout their pregnancy but I'm a wimp and had to stop two weeks ago. I cried out of sorrow that we couldn't run to Forest Park anymore because we love it there but it's too far. But Isaac likes this even more! Sometimes I get a nice long walk twice a day! The metro security guys are beginning to recognize us.

Isaac is OBSESSED with trains. He's never quite hit anything like this. More than half the words out of his mouth are "choo". If he lines up cars, it's "choo". If he lines up foam letters in the bath, it's "choo". If we color, it's "choo" (and I have to draw one). If we drive close to where the metro is, he points and says "choo". I think I'm going to have to make this little man a train costume for Halloween.

I put a vote on the side--we can't decide where we want to go to residency! We would love to stay here because Washington University has a great program. We'd love to go to Utah and let our kids play with their relatives. And we'd love to go somewhere new to have one last adventure before we settle down for real. What do you think?

Saturday, July 3, 2010


We visited Utah for two weeks at the beginning of June. I've been totally stressing about blogging about this trip because so much happened. So I'm just going to write down a few memories and not worry about the whole thing.

The most exciting is that we got to see all of our siblings and parents and grandparents. Almost all of Blake and my married siblings are pregnant. Isaac will be getting four cousins (plus a brother) in the next six months.

We spent the first week with Blake's family--pushing cars around the block, playing with trains in the play room, drinking crystal lite, going to the park, and going to Bear Lake. Unfortunately Blake's sister didn't come and it rained off and on but we still had fun walking down to the lake and dipping our feet in the freezing cold water.

Playing in Grandma Karen's backyard

Driving at Bear Lake

Cold Bear Lake Beach

The second week we spent with my family down in St. George. Isaac did pretty good with all the traveling we did--planes to and from, car rides to Bear Lake and St. George and Zion's. We felt bad always packing him up. We rented an awesome house with many bedrooms, a carriage house, pool, and tennis court. We mostly went swimming in the best pool ever--it had a 1 1/2 ft depth section that Isaac could have lived in. We also went hiking, went to Iceberg's (I miss those grasshopper shakes), went to Tarzan the play, and went to a couple fun water play parks.

St. George, borrowing cousin's scooter

St. George sculpture park and water play area

I have ten thousand pictures but decided to spare you all. We love our families and miss them!