Thursday, March 14, 2013

more winter days

On Valentine's Day the kids had so much fun walking around delivering valentines to some neighbors.  They got a few in return.  This is what fun dip does to James:

More and more candy...

I was reading somewhere that moms should try and get in the photo more often so I tried self timer.  Too bad I didn't do my hair first though. 
Just making lots of noise for our neighbors...

We got another decent snowstorm so for three days I felt like all I did was dress the kids and myself in snowpants, coats, gloves, boots; take them off, and repeat. 
These little snowpants for James just kill me.  So cute. 
Seriously, how cute are these kids?

The snow was very crusty on top thanks to some freezing rain.  We went sledding anyway.  Isaac turfed it and ended up with lots of scrapes.  But he is a tough guy and went again.

Sometimes Isaac will want me to take a picture of something special, like him jumping off a chair:
Or like his Wall-e he built out of mega blocks. 

We had a last-minute visitor from Blake's mom.  She had a meeting in Kansas City and couldn't stay away so she drove here for two days.  
We went to the zoo in the rain.  It was lots of fun. 
A break for goldfish

Ok, and now I am really ready for spring!  I feel like we haven't seen the sun since some random nice days in January.