Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hot air balloon race

One Saturday in September we went to Forest Park for the Hot air balloon race.  It was windy so the race was delayed and not all of the balloons went so there wasn't too much action and we left early, but we did eat pizza and have a little bit of fun. 

What set of pictures would be complete without James making a weird face?
Love that this shirt has been through four Pferdners and now Isaac
Will was not thrilled to wait for balloons
Oh, there's one!

We parked at Barnes, where Blake works, pictured in the background.  Biggest hospital ever.  It's been a good place to be.  We had a nice walk through Forest Park. 
I love this:  Will--"Balloons?  Where?"
That day we also tried William on his first solids!  A tiny amount of rice cereal made it into his tummy.
Oh yeah, that morning we went to the Affton days parade.  Kids loved it--got lots of candy.  Then we had to re-enact the parade at home.  Blake is not pictured but had the paper trumpet.  Busy day!
Another day riding bikes in Forest park.  Oh, the bright sun!  Love Blake and his three boys. 
Peas this time--not a fan!  Why did you do that to me?
James working on his workbook.  We do five pages a day and then he gets to watch a 25 minute show.  Chuggington, Bob the Builder, Super Why, Lego Batman are current favs.
These are meant to be six month pics of William.  I guess I should have planned in advance and put him in a special outfit but I kind of just seized the moment. Oh well, look at that sweet face! 

Laughing at James.  Always a crowd pleaser.

For his six month birthday (actually the day before), William broke three more teeth making five in total.