Sunday, September 4, 2011


We love swimming! Isaac is getting quite good at dog paddling. Daddy is a pretty good swim instructor. Isaac last week finally jumped in the pool all by himself. Thank you Jeremiah for teaching us reverse psychology ("Isaac, don't jump in the pool all by yourself!"). James is getting quite good at sitting in his little "boat" for thirty minutes after which point he is so out of there, crawling around looking for something else to put in his mouth.

I love James' hair so much. It's been growing in and seems to be quite red, much to my surprise and joy. Blake tells me daily I must cut it. So here is a picture before those darling red locks are shortened.

Isaac loves to be outside. His favorite is to go to the playground after the neighborhood women/children have gone for their walk and we have gone for our run. We all play at the playground for an hour and Isaac chases Brynlee around, screaming like one of the girls, and digs in the sand with Peter. We love having kids Isaac's age around. It's so different from living in the city, where the dogs passing by were friends and the brick alleyway the playground.

Seems like I've been continually painting and nailing since we moved in, doing one project or another. Some have expressed mild curiosity as to what the headboard I made looks like, so here is a picture. That is $10 worth of board covered with an old blanket and $3 worth of clearance fabric put together with $2 upholstery tacks. I really wanted to get designer fabric but the point was to go cheap so I settled. Anyway, we've never had a headboard and it seems to make our bed more official.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Half marathon

Does it count if you and your two friends put on a race of your own? We defy authority and driving an hour to a race that happens to be on a Saturday and paying $50. I was so happy to finish my goal!
running buddies Tori, Emily and me

I made t-shirts, using this tutorial. She's right, it is extremely fun and addicting (to make t-shirts).