Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cute things Isaac likes to do lately

He likes to go for walks and will pick up sticks. “Tee” = stick.

He will always notice the sound of a plane and will point up. “Dis” = plane (and a lot of other things).

He will walk towards birds and dogs. “Dis” = bird. “Gog” = dog. He’s always so disappointed when the birds fly away. And he loves it when he can pet a dog and even tries to kiss the dogs sometimes.

He likes to go to the library, especially if there are other kids there. He will pull out some books and not want me to put them back. He twirls a bookcase.

At home, he loves to listen to music and will periodically turn the dvd player on and off to turn on and off the music. He can reach on his tippy toes to turn on and off the tv too.

One of his favorite toys is pig. Pig belongs on the backrest of the couch and Isaac will stand on the couch and throw it into the quilt rack and I’m supposed to get it for him.

Isaac likes to go in the back of our building and drink some water out of the hose.

He likes to splash in a bucket on the porch and watch mom bounce the ball, which one time he called “ba”.

Cars are his backyard friends. "Ca" = car.

He loves to stand on the counter and pull out all of the spices.

He likes to turn on and off lights.

He likes it when dad comes home and if dad gets on his hands and knees Isaac will chase him anywhere. “Da” = dad.

Isaac loves to give kisses and will randomly throughout the day give me a kiss on the lips with a lot of slobber. If anyone at the store or on the street says hi he will give me a kiss to show them he’s with someone.

When Owen (the boy we tend) is at our house on Tuesdays and Thursdays, he gives Owen lots of kisses too and will hand him some toys.

Isaac's little brother in training. Such a cutie! So patient and happy!

When we go for a walk with Owen, Isaac likes to push him in the stroller and periodically go to the front of the stroller and see what Owen is playing with.

Isaac’s favorite book is Barnyard Dance because he can dance to the rhythm when we read it.

Isaac likes to turn on the computer and watch a video or two of himself and maybe Elmo’s song on youtube. He sings “ya ya ya” when Elmo sings “la la la”.

When we run to the park in the morning, Isaac’s favorite thing is to climb the stairs. Sometimes he want to go down the slide, but mostly he wants to go up and down the stairs. He can do it by himself, mostly, when he holds on to the railing. He can’t do the stairs at our apartment building because the railing is too high.

His favorite food is townhouse crackers.

If you try to give him a drink and he doesn’t want one, he’ll shake his head and say “nuh”.