Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The week in numbers (and photos)

One basil sprout that made my day! Fresh basil is so expensive to buy and pesto is so good and I hear basil grows like a weed. Hence my decision to plant a little pot of basil over a month ago which finally sprouted!

Two little blue crocs that Isaac wore for the first time on Sunday. His first pair of shoes! It was so nice out that we opened our door and walked with Isaac on the deck.

Three bowls smashed on the kitchen floor. It was my fault—I was cleaning out a cupboard and had some stacks of bowls on the counter. I walked past with Isaac and it was just a natural reaction for him to reach out to try and touch the pretty yellow bowls. The noise didn’t even scare him –I think he liked it.

Four people who have asked for recipes. Three were for salad, one was for bread. I always feel some pride when people ask for a recipe, but then I realize that all I did was combine the ingredients that the recipe required and followed all the steps. I didn’t do anything special really, it was the person who created the recipe who deserves the pat on the back.

Five teeth and counting. Isaac is growing teeth left and right! It has changed his smile so much. I think I got a picture where you can see his top teeth.

Our sixth visit to the pediatrician. Isaac at 9 months is now between 25 and 50th percentiles for both height and weight. 19 lb 6 oz and almost 28” long.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Independent Isaac

It’s really been a while. Blake and I took back our exercise bike that we got for Christmas so now we are trying to run in the evenings after Isaac is in bed. By the time I do that, I don’t want to head to the library to use the internet. And Blake downloaded a nifty gmail app that lets me view my email offline, so that’s further incentive not to make the effort.

I don’t know if it’s just cold, or if pregnancy did something crazy to me, or if I’m just getting old, or if I’m a wimp, but my joints just ache when I go running. Hopefully my body starts whipping into shape soon or I might be doomed to run a 12 minute mile for the rest of my life.

Blake was super romantic and got me...a babysitter for Valentine’s! We went on a real date to the Olive Garden. (Cute flower he got me below...)

We’ve had a couple of good weather days so I’ve tried to take Isaac for a walk in his stroller. He doesn’t like those few extra inches away from mom so if we go longer than 15 minutes, sometimes 10, and sometimes 2, he cries to get out. But we’re working on it, and I know some day he will be happy to go for a walk and sit in his stroller. He used to hate his car seat too, but now he will giggle when I put him in because he knows he will get to go somewhere new.

Isaac is still running all over the house with me as chauffeur. He is getting more stable and can stand if he’s holding on to the couch. He still refuses to crawl. One day this week I was kneeling as I held Isaac’s hands so that he could walk, as usual. I noticed that we had begun to turn in pretty tight circles. I realized that I was wearing some red crocs and Isaac was trying to get to them, but every time he moved, they moved!

He’s becoming more and more independent. It’s getting hard to steer him the direction you want him to go because he has a good idea of where he wants to go instead. He’s drinking half apple juice half water in a sippy cup so now he will take a couple bites of food and then refuse to eat until he’s had a sip of juice. I love my opinionated boy.

As a random thought as April 15 draws near, let me just say that taxes + one kid + paying tuition = awesome refund and an extra bonus!
Isaac trying to look at my face underneath the camera
He's discovered the cd tower. My sister told me three years ago when I bought it that my kids would soon make me regret my purchase. Wise words.
Don't let that smile fool you, he hates it! He won't eat anything green, including this, which is broccoli.

Standing all by himself (sort of)!

I'm in love with his chubby legs.

Isaac has also discovered the dresser. Oh, the everyday fun things to play in.