Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We thought moving out of the city would solve this problem:

So yesterday afternoon I was sitting at the table reading/eating lunch during naps when I saw a little blonde boy run towards our window, playing. I thought, "Weird, I don't recognize him. I thought I knew all the kids in our complex." I heard his mom knock on the next door and start a conversation with "Hi, I'm your neighbor and I wanted to talk to you week..."

I am a mean person, but when I get an hour break when both kids are asleep, I don't take any phone calls and I just sit and read or surf the internet or something. So I ran into the living room and when she knocked on my door twice, I ignored it.

Later that day, I noticed Isaac's favorite backhoe was no longer in our front garden. He loves that thing--plays with it every day to put dirt into his dump truck. So I was a little distressed and immediately thought of that little boy and maybe he accidentally took it and they would realize it and bring it back some time. Or maybe some other animal took it, though it's a little big for that.

Well, today we got a notice from our management saying there was a lady soliciting for an Autism walk but soliciting is not allowed in our complex and furthermore, there is no Autism walk on the date she was collecting money for. People make me sick. Who would do that, make up a cause and collect money for it? Pretty sure she doesn't live here. So her son totally stole our truck and she stole other people's money and I guess there are dishonest people everywhere, county and city alike.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

What a lousy week

Blake continued working working working his 12-day stretch. I got sick. James got sick. I lost my voice. Blake was on call today (Sunday) so I had to haul James along to my Primary class, which consists of (7) 4-year olds and one teacher (me).
I joined basically a wives group of Wash U residents and went to the Welcome Brunch yesterday while Blake took the kids swimming because he finally had a day off and I won $20 to Ted Drewes! If you have been to visit us or live in St. Louis, you have been there and you have loved it and dreamt about it. If you haven't, good thing you'll never know what you're missing.