Friday, May 16, 2014

Blake calls Will "Little Liam".  He had a two week paternity leave.  It was so great.  Blake was very helpful and took the kids fun places and let me take naps and did dishes etc.  But by the end he emphatically stated: I don't know how you do this all the time!

Curse the terrible light in my apartment.  I't's so hard to get good pictures inside.

His head is 95 percentile...

Isaac lost his first tooth! I missed Blake pulling it out because I was feeding Will.  The tooth fairy is very generous nowadays and gives a whole dollar.  I only got a quarter.

Little baby  hands!
Will and I have struggled with thrush.  Not fun and super painful for me. 

My mom came back after Blake's paternity leave.  That was when she had planned on coming.  She took James on some "adventures" walking on the path to the grocery store to buy a donut.  James fell asleep on the way home one time--so sweet I had to take a picture.  
I can't believe Isaac is almost through kindergarten.  Where did this year go?  There was a year-end picnic we went to. 
Mrs. Ladd and Isaac.  Isaac says, "Mom, I love you.  I also love Mrs. Ladd."
Blake had a birthday!  He was post-call so he was tired, but we celebrated anyway by going to Mastadon State park and "hiking" and eating pizza.  

I considered cropping this photo but James made me laugh so hard.  I didn't know he was posing.

Will likes to eat and sleep.  The end.  If it's anything else, he's not happy.  

Happy birthday Blake!

My mom also wanted to celebrate Isaac's birthday while she was in town so we did his birthday before she left.  There are six candles, one is hiding.  She gave Isaac a scooter and he LOVES it.  He goes super fast all afternoon and evening after school.  She also gave him some art supplies because he loves projects.  You should see his stack of tape and construction paper. 

Will went to the doctor today for his one month checkup.  He is 21 3/4" and 10 lbs 6 oz, both between 50 and 75 percentiles.  My mom has gone home and Blake is working the ICU so now I'm on my own!

more baby William

The day he was born:

I was so incredulous the whole day that I really had my baby.  I was expecting to have him a week later given my previous track record. 

The kids were not thrilled baby William made his entrance right before we were going to go to an Easter egg hunt as a family but they forgave him and wanted to meet him. 

Proud daddy of three boys.  

So adorable.  LOVE.

The day after William was born: Kids made a big mess of the hospital room having a birthday party for William.  Cake everywhere.
My brother Andrew reluctantly held the baby...
Outtakes from his announcement.

Seriously, how do you pick one?
Not that one, though...
Taking William home:
James' new favorite toy.  It was hard to keep him off William. 
He wanted his picture taken too, for once.

Just like our other babies, Will does plenty of this:
And plenty of this (sleeping on top of his parents):
My mom bought a last minute flight to help me through the week that Blake didn't have off for paternity leave yet, since we were planning to have the baby late.  It was really nice of her to come early and she was very helpful, as usual. 

For the most part, Will looks more like Isaac, we think, but this picture makes me think of James.

So here is my mom dyeing Easter Eggs with us.  We did spin an egg this year--the best part was the glitter.  

The easter bunny visited us!
We love all our friends in our neighborhood.  Many of them have been moving lately. :(  Our complex did an easter egg hunt at the playground.  It was a lot of fun and the kids got lots of eggs.  James was nervous at first because at his last easter egg hunt he fell down.  That was the day we had the baby and our neighbors took him and mommy wasn't there to kiss him better. But after a minute he warmed up to the idea of running to pick up eggs. 

Love baby feet.
We did our own easter egg hunt, of course.  This time Isaac bonked his head. 

Easter day pictures.
I am still so swollen from having a baby 8 days earlier!  Sweet family of five, though.  gosh, do I really have three boys?  sometimes in the middle of the night when I am rocking Will, I have to remind myself I have two other boys sleeping soundly in the next room.