Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to cure your son of his addiction to Town House crackers

Accidentally buy the reduced fat variety. He will eat less and less and finally when he finishes the box and you can buy the regular kind again, his love affair will be over.

Isaac has said a few new words:
"gerl" = squirrel
"coo" = cool
"ga"= yogurt
His new fun thing to do is to grab a book and sit on my lap to read it. I love that.

We had visitors for Thanksgiving! We squished in Jeremiah, Megan, and Hannah (my brother and fam) and my mom. Hannah is much more talkative than Isaac and called him "uck". So fun to see them!

(yes, that's mom's nose)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I hope that someone can relate to this

Today I taught Sunday School as usual at church and Blake had Isaac in the hall as usual. I guess a nursery leader came up to him and told him it was time for Isaac to go to nursery. He's 17 months tomorrow--I guess they like to transition in from 17 to 18 months. She took him from Blake and walked to nursery. When I walked out of Sunday School, the nursery leader found me and told me that Isaac was doing great but he needed a diaper change. But I was supposed to bring him back after he was cleaned up.

What? He's in nursery? But he's not 18 months yet!!!

I changed him, grateful that he needed me. I walked down to nursery, certain he wouldn't want to stay again. When we got there, he looked at the nursery leader and at the kids eating snacks and looked at them like, "Hey, I was just here. And it was fun. At least, it wasn't too bad." He didn't look back at me and the nursery leader got him up to the table to eat some animal crackers. The leader looked at me and said, "Marie, I think it's time to make a graceful exit."

So I left. And I couldn't help crying through Relief Society, the last meeting of church.

My baby is getting so old.

I'm not ready for this.