Thursday, February 19, 2015

December 2014 etc.

It has been a long time.  Here is before Christmas, when we did gingerbread houses.  This year the kids each got their own after last year's tears.

I can hardly believe it was this warm in December.  This is William's first time in shoes!  Cute tiny yellow crocs.  I am a little sad they are not blue but the yellow is the seed of a hope that one day I will have a girl that can wear them. I have been holding onto his hands, helping him walk for 2 months now. 

Handsome Isaac
Cute pie James
James has to get in front of William, wherever he is.

This was our last time flying for Christmas!  Next year we will be living in Salt Lake with family--don't know why we would fly at Christmas again!  Actually, hopefully this was our last flight for a good long while!  Doing the nativity with Blake's side of the family.
I know it looks like James is picking his nose but he is doing something more disgusting than that.
Isaac impressed everyone with his Silent night and Ode to Joy skillz.
Love those grandparents on the couch. 
Love these grandparents in the background too.
present time! can you feel the excitement?
new pjs for all--and this isn't even all of the kids!
Nativity with my side of the family on Christmas Eve.

James and Grammy K
This is Christmas morning.  I love this photo so much. 
This was the year of Batman!  I am so mad that I forgot to take my camera to Blake's parent's house--I feel like I have hardly any photos of Christmas this year. I was too busy walking William around to take photos.  How I wish I had video of James opening up his Batcave #2 at Grandma Karen's house--it was so classic.  There was jumping and screaming.  James was really excited about all of his presents--he really wanted everything at Target that had a Batman on it.  
Isaac was a little more varied in his Christmas wish list, but he needed a Batman lego too!  Writing this after the fact, I realize how nice these brothers are and how well they share.  There have been many trades since Christmas.

"I guess I'll sit here and play with paper but I'd really rather walk around."

And that was our whole trip to Utah!  Weird, I usually take a lot more photos. I guess I didn't feel as pressed since we will be back for good in four months now. 

Here is James playing with legos, as usual, on a winter day.
I took this because William had just woken up after sleeping through the night!  I was so excited--and he did it twice--and now he is back to being up 2 times at night. 
This is true Batman love.  I love how James quotes the lego movie all day too.  He is always saying "I only work in black.  And very dark grey."  and "the piece of resistance!"
Holding his bottle of amoxicillin from double ear infections.  I have to brag that Blake wasn't sure it was an ear infection but I get mom points because I nailed it.
Another Isaac creation!  Robot valentine's box.
Someone gave out mustache tattoos for valentine's.  Hilarious!
Happy Valentine's day! I have obviously not taken my neighbor's hint that I should not wear black because slobber and boogers show up so well on it.
William hates anything pureed now.  He begs for whatever the rest of us are eating.  I felt so bad the other day when it was his bedtime and I got the older kids otter pops and Will was freaking out that he wanted one!  He would wiggle out of my arms and drag me over to James and try to take the otter pop out of his hands!  I just can't bear to give in to treats until he is one. 

Snow day--President's day.