Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We were so excited to wake up to snow on Blake's day off!  We all had a blast on our hill.  James just giggled and giggled on the way down on the sled.  Isaac sledded once and then was all business about making a snowman. 

Isaac made the snowman at the bottom of the hill and made Blake transport it up to the front of our house when we were done.  Then in the afternoon when some snow started melting Isaac decided it was time for his snowman to melt so we "cracked" it and put the snow in the sled and put the snow back.  Sometimes the ideas Isaac comes up with just crack me up. 

We've been trying to have fun indoors lately since it's been fairly cold. 
Isaac made this really awesome lego creation (a boat) with different kinds of legos everywhere and little nooks for different things.  It was pretty cool.  
James loves stickers so much.  He was frustrated Isaac was working faster than him and taking a disproportionate amount of stickers and I was trying to figure out how to use my new lens. 

Blake got me this great photography book and I have almost read it cover to cover (600 pages worth).  So I've been changing settings on my camera and trying different things and taking pictures of randomly.  This was one photo when I was doing that--and I happened to catch Isaac at a part of his movie that he was apparently not quite sure about.  I wish I knew what he was watching then!

But we do still have to get the boys out.  We went to Lafayette park one day for about thirty minutes.  There was a very snowy playground, some cool canons, and lots of geese in the pond. 

What do you think?  Can you tell I got a nicer lens?  Or do the pictures just look the same?

Yes, Isaac got a new bike for Christmas but prefers his old one.  *sigh.  Some day he'll love the new one.

The kids and I have been having fun together while all our friends have been out of town.  We have gone so many places.  We have been to the zoo four times in three weeks, been to the science center, powder valley nature center, three different malls and all their toys, Toys R Us (twice), the Botanical Gardens, the History Museum, some parks, two different libraries...

James especially loves going to the zoo.  He first fell in love with it a couple months ago when he found some trucks working.  What did you see at the zoo, James?  "backhoe!"  but since we went a few weeks ago and we saw a baby monkey, he's been loving the animals too.  The baby monkey tried to lick James for a minute through the glass.  So cute!  Also, they both love seeing the turtles.  We watched a guy clean the turtle cage for a like thirty minutes.  Isaac wants to clean turtle cages when he is older.  But not monkey cages.  James is getting so much older.  It's fun to see him develop interests and look for the different animals and say, "wake up!"  He is always up for fun and whenever I suggest things, James says, "yes!  I do!" and Isaac will say, "no, mom, I just need to stay home."