Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It happened

My 6-year old dell laptop died.

Lovingly referred to as: The Desktop, Fattie, Lappy 500 (Blake's is Lappy 600).

It all has happened at little inconvenience to myself as Blake had to have a Seagate external hard drive for Christmas that automatically backs up your files. Even my journal entry from Sunday was saved.

I know it had its quirks: backspace didn't work, several keys were missing due to Isaac's exuberance, the speakers only worked if you plugged in some headphones, etc. But Lappy, we will always remember you. My first computer, a surprise gift from Pops left on the doorstep by UPS just in time for summer semester my second year of college. You have served us well.

And now Blake and I will have to fight over the Lappy 600. No more ignoring each other in the same room, each intent on our own blog/news article/hulu show. I guess one of us will have to read. or something.

Go buy yourself an automatic external hard drive.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

He's going to be a scientist

This is such an exciting time! Isaac is exploding with new activities and words.

Isaac is liking to dump out his legos and put them back in the bin. He will say, “eenup” = “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere...”

He loves cars. He has to take one everywhere. He will push it along and say “voo”= vroom.

He can pick out which books he owns on the back of the Boynton board books. We will read one and he will point to one on the back and get that one to read.

He will point to a picture of a cow in Barnyard Dance and say “moo”.

He will say bye to everything—but bye is just saying the word twice really slowly. “ca, ca” = bye car.

Isaac loves the book “What was I scared of?” by Dr. Seuss. Sometimes we read it three times in a row. His favorite part is to say "Hi" to the pants at the end.

If you mention doing an activity Isaac wants to do, he will wave bye bye to whatever you’re currently doing.

Isaac can spot balloons anywhere. “La la” = balloon. La la is also any word with many syllables that he can’t say. Like toothbrush. Or playdough. But you can distinguish playdough because he rubs his hands together.

Last week Blake was on call and I was putting Isaac to bed and he said, “Ca. Da.” I think he was saying Dad was with the car somewhere and he wanted him home. That’s the first time he’s put two words together.

He likes "head shoulders knees and toes" from nursery. But he really just likes to touch his toes and gets annoyed at the other parts.

Isaac loves to ride on dad’s shoulders. He also has a newfound love of riding in grocery carts. He likes to “help” take things out of the cart and put them in the car.

Isaac likes to show us he knows where things go. When we get out the cereal he will point that it goes right there on the table. When we’re at the magic house and he wanders with something, I can ask him to go put it back and he will get it right every time.

Isaac is starting to line things up. (cars, shoes...)

Here's some pictures from our walks:

We were at a super fun birthday party with Isaac's pals and Blake and I looked around to realize Isaac was the biggest kid there. How did that happen? He's getting so old.

We are loving spring (ish). We've been able to run to the park many times in the past couple weeks. I think Ike could live outside.

Blake is 3/4 done with 3rd year! Only peds and ob left. Match is this week and just think, one more year and it's us!!!