Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A poem

I've been looking through a lot of old family photos and things and came across this poem someone wrote about my Dad. It is such a clever poem, and describes the true event so you can SEE it happening, so I decided to share.

Yet Another Ode to Dr. Perry

by A. Davis

September 1986

Once again my voice I raise

To laud our Joe in rhyming phrase,

For Joe has shown us all his pluck

Is not confined to saving ducks.

It seems he finds himself distinguished

Concerning flames he late extinguished

So here is how the story goes,

Or so I’m told by one who knows.

“Twas once upon a stormy nite

When witnessed Joe an awesome sight—

Upon the neighbor’s roof a flash

Of mighty light and then, a crash

Joe stood in mute anticipation

Of some religious revelation

But when no angel reared its head,

And flames began to leap instead,

Our doctor came to understand

That matters he must take in hand;

By standing rooted in amazement

The house would be soon in ablazement

His silent lips became undone

And shouted “Dial 911!”

Rushed then Joe into the breach

With hose clenched tightly in his teeth

(The hose’s stream, when Joe took measure

Was somewhat short on water pressure

Requiring Joe to climb much higher—

Up on the roof—to douse the fire.)

Joe bravely made the needed climb,

Arriving in the nick of time.

He made short work of putting out

The fire this poem is all about.

So when the pro’s came on the scene

Joe sat upon the roof serene

(The truth, however, in the matter—

He was waiting for the fireman’s ladder

For Joe, it seems, had sadly found

The real dilemma was getting down.)

So there he sat, with discretion and valor

And a little soot to hide the pallor

But yet a hero, be it said;

Where Joe rushed in, no angel tread.