Friday, March 25, 2011

We matched...

in St. Louis!

As soon as we found out we finished up packing our apartment and moved the next day to a bigger place in the county.

We put some things away, Blake conveniently got out of jury duty because he now lived in the county instead of the city, packed up the car, and drove 20 HOURS to visit family for 6 weeks.

So here we are, enjoying grandmas and cousins until we have to do that awful drive again and survive another 4 years in Misery-I mean Missouri.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A really stressful 3 minutes

So Isaac and I just went out to get the mail. None, thank goodness (it's usually bills). Isaac ran back inside and slammed the door on me. I was locked out!!!

I had visions of myself running down Taylor in my slippers in the pouring rain to a friend's house to try to call Blake who usually doesn't get service in the ER to try to get keys while Isaac ransacked the house and hopefully James stayed asleep.

Thank goodness with super-human-three-year-old strength, Isaac managed to open the door when I asked him to.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's march!

We have finally emerged from the dark hole of our apartment and have been able to get outside! It's such a relief to have winter almost behind us. Isaac has been going stir crazy and is a new boy with outside play time.

Isaac's getting good at recognizing letters and will point some of them out on the street and on paper around the house. ("L library!" "T!" "I Ichi!" (Ichi=Isaac) "B Benjamin!" "M Mommy!" "D Daddy!" "G Grandma!" etc.)

He also sings a mean "Book of Mormon stories" which we need to video record.

James is even fatter than Isaac was! We took him to his four month checkup and he was 17 lbs and 24.5" (same length as Isaac). He has gotten two teeth already and seems to be getting two more. I hate hate hate teeth. Why oh why did this have to start so early? Between being sick, teething, being sick, teething again, he has never settled into a good sleep rhythm at night.

James is getting good at bringing things to his mouth especially his favorite butterfly toy.

Blake and I are anxiously awaiting match day on March 17! Blake did end up deciding that he really wants to stay here in St. Louis. I asked him every day for a month if he was sure and if he'd changed his mind yet. Sometimes it seems overwhelming that I have to do four years all over again in the same city. But at least I have some friends here even though most are moving, and at least we're moving out to the county so we don't have to watch yet another man pee in our back alley, at least our new place will have a pool and people will want to be our friend to come swim, and at least there are some fun things to do here and we know where they are instead of learning a new city.