Monday, July 21, 2014

three months and counting

Will-a-wooski, as James calls him, is a little over three months and gets cuter and cuter!

We are outside all day but usually close to home so the baby can nap.  

Isaac is such a sweet older brother and likes to "play" with Will.  

Poor James is a little too loud and rough and Will can tell when he's coming...

Isaac got a baby doll for Christmas so he needed a picture with his two babies.  

This might be the cutest picture ever.

The older boys say the funniest things and I'm trying to be better at writing them down.  Here is one exchange:
James: We need to go visit Jesus.  Isaac:  He lives in heaven.  James:  We can take an airplane!  Isaac:  No, he lives in heaven.  

ok, never mind, this might be the cutest picture ever. 
As we were leaving Office Depot one day Blake stopped to ask me a question and the kids started pulling things out of bins.  Blake got mad and told them they needed to be on their best behavior in stores.  As we walked to the car, Isaac said, "I still love you, Dad."  James said, "I don't."  haha.  James is sometimes very difficult and does exactly what you tell him not to do and goes to time out.  But other times he is so sweet and he'll say, "Mom? I love you."  And sometimes it's, "Mom?  I love you, but I want to eat a popsicle (or something else)."  So cute.
James quotes books all the time.  Like "thieving varmints" from Berenstain Bears Double Dare.  or "pass around the honey pot" also from berenstain bear.  Sometimes he'll say something random and you'll remember it was from a book we read the day before.  

and maybe this one is the cutest one ever.
Blake is in charge of church cleaning so one time the boys went with and played basketball while Blake cleaned.  After that Isaac was begging and begging to go back to the church to play basketball again.  He said, "Heavenly Father wants us to go to church and play basketball."  So funny!

Isaac got these new trucks from Grandma and Grandpa and they have been playing with them nonstop this summer. 
Oh gosh, this summer is so exhausting. I feel like every minute of every day some child wants something from me.  We just move from one thing to the next and once it's time to relax then Will is crying, up from a nap.  And as soon as he's down the kids need lunch made.  or a story read.  or help on workbooks.  I fall into bed every night and sleep like a rock until Will wakes up wanting to eat.  But being a mom us still the best job ever and I love it.