Sunday, February 14, 2010


Isaac and I went to Chicago last week and bugged my brother and his family. Jeremiah was too busy to notice I was there, Megan had to cook for us and give up her bedroom, and Hannah had to share her toys. Isaac and I had fun, at least.

I just read their blog post today, though, and it sounds like they weren't too annoyed by our trip, so I guess we're good. I was lucky enough that my brother married one of my best friends, which made things very awkward in college, but now it's great! I get to visit friends AND family in one.

Isaac loved his new old friend, "nana". Hannah liked to give really big hugs, which Isaac would return, but only for about a tenth of the time that Hannah intended. Isaac loved to play with their stroller and the Elmo that sings and tells stories. Hannah liked to steal the stroller to watch Isaac run after her. Then she would drop it, Isaac would take it, and Hannah would be disappointed he stopped chasing her. Megan and I were surprised because we thought that behavior didn't start until elementary school.

The highlight was going to Shedd Aquarium. Isaac ran around pointing at all the fish. There was a little play area in the basement and the kids LOVED that. I wish we could have gone to the other couple museums that were free that day, but I think we picked the one the kids would have liked the best.

We had to cut our trip half a day short, so we were disappointed to miss out on some more fun, but we did make it home safe and sound despite the snowstorm. Jeremiah so kindly carried our suitcase to the El and rode with us for an hour and a half to the airport, as opposed to driving.

In other news, Isaac seems to have finally picked up on this talking thing. He has lots of new words and surprised me in Chicago one day by repeating back all the animal sounds in The Very Busy Spider. Yay!

Isaac likes to look out our window for "cu" = trucks.
He's trying to teach Hannah.

Frozen lake. It looked so crazy I had to take a picture.

Cute pout, waiting for mom in the store.