Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Since the trunk or treat at church, Isaac keeps saying "Hoween" over and over in an attempt to get candy.
Choo! Choo!

A testimony

I’ve not given enough credit to my Heavenly Father for how this birth turned out, which I wanted to rectify. I sometimes feel silly bearing my testimony but I felt like I should post this. This pregnancy has been full of anxiety for me as I really wanted to have a VBAC and not go through the pain of another C-section. Plus, I knew that I would be stuck with more C-sections if I had another one and that made me nervous about having more kids.

I’ve been praying the whole 9 months that I could deliver vaginally and sometimes felt good about it and sometimes full of despair. Well, when it was the week before my due date I got very discouraged and noticed a book in our bookshelf—Drawing on the Powers of Heaven. It was a book about the power of faith and how God wants to give us what we desire—he just wants us to live worthy of the blessings and to ask for them. Plus, we had exert our faith that he would fulfill our prayers, which required positive thinking. So I exerted all the faith I could and tried to think positive, which sometimes was very difficult. I prayed constantly through the days that the baby would come within 5 days of his due date. Blake gave me a blessing the day after my due date during which he told me that God was pleased with the choices I’ve made in my life and according to my faith, everything would work out according to my desires.

I don’t know where the Castor oil fits in to any of this, but I do know I had the baby just 3 days past his due date, which was a miracle to me because he didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Also, when the baby was in distress and his heart rate was dropping and I seemed to see all my progress vanishing before my eyes, I prayed that I would know the right way to push so the baby could come out. I felt that I wasn’t doing it right. That was when the doctor said we had to choose a C-section or the vacuum and I just had a feeling that Heavenly Father was going to bless me—I just needed to exert my faith. It was a hard thing for me to go against every single person in that room who thought I was making the wrong decision. I could see it in Blake’s eyes that he thought I should stop trying but he was supportive and stuck with my decision. When they told me this was the last time, to push with everything I had, I suddenly knew that I needed to push more from below than straight on and that’s when the baby popped out. I felt so guided and extremely blessed that Heavenly Father helped me have the baby the way I wanted to. Heavenly Father wants to bless us and he will and DOES.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


James Perry Newman

Born Saturday, October 23, 2010 at 8:29 AM

7 lbs 8 oz

21.5 inches

If anyone is late and wants to have their baby, we have the secret! Castor oil. We had tried everything else and heard to take castor oil, so on Friday evening we picked some up and I took some at around 5 PM. After some yucky effects, at 11 PM I was having consistent contractions and having trouble sleeping. At 2 AM my contractions were very painful. Some very nice friends came over and slept at our house at 3:15 AM and we made it to the hospital by 3:45. Blake and I were very pleased to find out that I wasn't just having Castor oil effects and I was in fact in labor. Everything went fast and smoothly (slowed down once I got my epidural, thank goodness) and I was able to have a VBAC as planned. The baby wasn't tolerating pushing very well so the doctor told me she'd rather do a C-section but she could try the vacuum. I wasn't ready to give up so I said vacuum and luckily the baby popped right out!

He's a cute little bundle and is much sleepier than Isaac was. It's hard to get him to wake up enough to eat, which definitely was not a problem Isaac had. Isaac is so sweet with the baby and as soon as he saw him wanted to hold him and give him kisses. Then he was done and wanted to play with cars. He'll be a great big brother.

Welcome to our family, little James!