Tuesday, September 18, 2012

playing photographer

Megan asked me to pretend I was a photographer while I was in town.  So here are her family pictures and also some of the rest of the extended family.  We got to meet the two-week-old twins this night. 

The twins



Ok, now we are finally done with pictures from our trip to Utah!

more pictures

We also spent some time up in the mountains this trip.  It was beautiful weather.  We went hiking to Cecret Lake.

 We miss Utah hiking!

 Isaac usually does pretty well hiking but he really wanted a ride so Blake carried him after we listened to him whine for half a mile.

 We made it to the lake!

James was giggling when he sat on Isaac's lap.  So cute.

 We got to watch some guys chop a tree down.
 This is Isaac saying "Winner!"  He hiked the whole way down and was the winner.

 The next day we went up Big Cottonwood canyon for a picnic at Silver Lake.  Lots of memories up here.

I think Isaac ate only cheetos, licorice, and dessert whenever he was with Grandma K.

 Somehow my pictures of Bekah and Kevin never end up very good.
 Mmm, a picnic tradition:  blonde brownies.

 What?  Someone is taking my picture?
 I don't know what they were doing, but they were sure serious about it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

another trip

We took a super short trip to Utah while Blake had a week off.  We were in town 4.5 days.  We squeezed a lot in.  James is not fun to have on an airplane.  He would scream and scream when he had to sit on my lap during take off and landing.  He wanted a "spot!  spot!  spot!".  And a seatbelt.  Next time he flies he will get his wish.  Luckily he did a lot better on our way home.  Our first flight was very empty so we split up and James and I sat on a row and Isaac and Blake on another.  Then on the second flight James was distracted by stickers.

And you know me, of course I took a billion pictures!  

We flew out mainly to see Blake's new nephews.  Here's the first one:

 We had fun playing with cousins.

Umm, yeah, Isaac got off the trampoline right after that.

 Isaac is the best lawn mower you've ever seen.  He loves mowing the lawn at our house too.

Blake's dad cannot just sit still for anything.  This isn't even his house!

We got to go swimming one last time for the season.  It was a super warm pool--I wish our pool was heated!

My sister kept her twins out of kindergarten one morning so we could hang out.  We went to City Creek, which was fun to see.  The best parts were the fish in the river and the fountains.  (And the Gap, of course.)

James has made the transition to "terrible twos".  He's gotten very good at screaming when things don't go his way.  You think you're doing it right only to hear a burst of loud wails or "I did it!  I did it!  I did it!"  (which means I wanted to do it all by myself)  Also he's become quite a tease to Isaac and will frequently belly flop on top of him.  But he does share very well and he does a very good I'm sorry hug.

Isaac and Grandma K