Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It’s hard to whisper in duck

That is the rebuff Chris said to Jeremiah when Chris was trying to be quiet for babies and Jeremiah made fun of him. Quote of the year for me.

This is a big long update, but it could be longer, so count your blessings.

Isaac turned 1! I can’t believe he’s so old! We had many birthday celebrations that turned his birthday into a three-day long affair. He got his cake on Sunday but would not touch it. Monday we went to the Magic House, which was a big hit. We went the day before his birthday because they start charging at 1 year. I’m so tricky. On Tuesday, his birthday, we went to the Tower Grove fountains. I think he had a great couple of days and loves all of his presents from his grandparents. We didn’t buy him anything.

My brother Nathan drove through and spent the night here with his “friend who happens to be a girl”. It was great to see him and his crazy hair.

My brother Chris was nice enough to fly to St. Louis and drive up with me to Chicago to see my brother Jeremiah and Megan and baby Hannah. Poor Chris drove the whole way because Isaac wasn’t okay with the stranger in the car. We stopped in Springfield on the way, which made our trip two hours longer. Probably not the best idea we’ve ever had, but it was cool to see Lincoln’s house and the old courthouse and his law offices and his tomb. It was a totally awesome trip, though I got little sleep, and though the bathrooms were off the bedrooms which were unavailable after babies went to bed. Isaac had a tough time adjusting at first, but he hit his groove on Saturday and started exploring and talking to people and noticing Hannah. He said “Hi” for the first time, probably because Hannah says it all the time. She called Isaac “Isa”. So cute.

Blake took his first board exam and started a surgery rotation. Blake looks so cute dressed up to go to “work”. Is this what real life is like? I need to start putting Isaac to bed at 7 as opposed to 6 so that Blake can actually see his son once in a while.
I’m tending little Owen two days a week. He is little-brother-in-training for Isaac. So far, so good. I can totally do two babies. (For 8 hours a day, 2 days a week.)
And I feel like I can finally say Isaac is walking! After two days with Owen, Isaac decided he could walk on his own. Now he putters around the house by himself. On Tuesday, he shocked me by actually going out of the room that I was in. He always wants to be right next to me. I'd better get used to it, I guess.