Wednesday, December 10, 2014


We went to visit Hannah, Zeke, and Noah in Chicago.  But first, on our way there we went to Legoland!  It was just an indoor activity center but the kids had fun riding the two rides and playing on the playplace and of course, building some legos. 

James and Zeke watching a movie while Thanksgiving dinner finishes cooking. 
"cute Will" (Isaac calls him that) eating some lunch
Mom making mashed potatoes in Megan's cute stenciled kitchen
I can't resist him!
Isaac and Anne playing magnatiles
dinner time!
doesn't everybody do a pinata on Thanksgiving?

Andrew studying, Anne buying a tv
Noah, Megan, Hannah the day after Thanksgiving acting out the nativity
good shepherd
Megan, Jeremiah, and a cute angel Noah

good times in Chicago.  We also went to see the lights at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and went downtown on the Metra to Michigan Ave.

And here are two bonus pictures of William because he is so cute.  well, all the kids are cute.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

James turns four; also Halloween

Well first, we had a primary activity at the temple and I took family pictures.  Luckily Blake arrived just as we were leaving so we got a family picture too.  

William says take me home to bed!
Some friends had a little Halloween party at our playground.  The kids had lots of fun.  
James was a Pteranadon, which Isaac wore last year. Love it!

Isaac made a police car which I helped him paint.  What a handsome policeman!
William didn't dress up this day but there is a picture later on

For James' birthday we had a party at the playground.  James really wanted a friend party but when it came down to it he really just wanted to stay home and open up his presents which we hadn't done yet.  So we forced him to go to his own party!

I think only Isaac liked the scavenger hunt.  James certainly wouldn't do it. 
James requested ice cream sandwiches.  Easy for me. 

I also let James pick out one thing from the dollar store and he picked these party blowers to give out.  Good thing the party was outside. 

Finally it was time to do our family party with cake and presents.  I let the kids decorate their cake for their birthday--they like it and I don't have to do it!

James was thrilled to get some batmobiles, batman legos, and a put-together plane, etc. 

One of these October days we carved pumpkins. 

James picked out this design that Blake painstakingly carved.  It's supposed to be a skull.  But then of course he was just mad he didn't have a face like Isaac's. 
We had fun at a pumpkin farm.  Isaac wanted his picture taken at about 10 different favorite pumpkins.

We let the kids do a tractor train ride.  

Eating lunch
Cute William!  Somehow I cut it down to only three pictures to post...

This is the one picture I took of our ward trunk or treat.  William needed to nurse and it was just crazy busy times. 
James checked out a book from the library that showed how a boy made a birdhouse so he insisted we make one too.  We had some extra wood so we put one together.  Of course the best part is painting it. 

Oh, there's a good picture of that cute skeleton!  This is Halloween.  William went to bed at 6 so I stayed at home with him while Blake took the kids trick or treating.  It was kind of sad.  
Isaac and James got tons of candy. 
This is blurry but I love these guys stuffing their faces when they got home!
Playing in a "bird nest" with friend Oliver.
Celebrating Andrew's birthday

Playing a favorite family game--trouble.  
It snowed!  The best part was eating it, apparently. 

William used to love this thing.  Now a month later he's kind of over it but it was a great entertainer for a few months.