Friday, September 12, 2014

August and September

Will 4 months old

Isaac's 1st grade back to school night
Isaac's first day of first grade!

Peter and Isaac
Still loves the bus.  One day we went and picked Isaac up from school for fun and went to the library and Isaac was very upset because he was supposed to take the bus home. 
James wanted me to take a picture of his scar so he could see what it looked like.  This was his second trip to the ER this year--two staples due to falling into the corner of the wall. 
Will has gotten two teeth since being four months.  Drools a ton!
Welcome to see Anne race on her bike.
Anne came to race the gateway cup and stayed with us for a few days.  Jeremiah and Megan came down from Chicago to watch.  It was a party Labor day weekend.  Here Anne is showing the kids how to assemble her bike out of the bike bag (how the bike goes on the plane).

This is the race around Francis park, just two miles from our house. 

The kids had so much fun cheering for Anne.  They all yelled "Go Anne go!" for like 15 minutes straight.  The race was a criterion around the park so every four minutes or so they would pass us again. 

Anne is in black--DNA racing
Will took a snooze
Four Perry's in one place--always an event! (Marie, Anne, Andrew, Jeremiah)
Will is up and cute as ever
Then Ted Drewe's was up the street so of course we stopped there on the way home. Mmmm
One day I got out my remote for my camera and took some self photos.  Love this little boy--now he is five months!

Very glamorous setup for photos--on the kitchen table.
Reading stories. 
Three sweet boys.  James wanted a picture with Will and was mad Isaac got in too. 
James wanted his own photo.
School picture day.