Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We were happy when it was finally Christmas Eve! Until that day, Blake had been at the hospital 18 days straight. Not full shifts every day--some were night shifts so he was technically in the hospital Saturday and Sunday. But still. And at least 11 of those nights he was home after the kids were in bed. We were all pretty burned out.

Our nativity.

Presents set out.

The favorite toy of the day was the one he saw first--Mr. Potato Head.
He also loved his big-boy legos.
James just wanted to eat.
So we all took a break and had waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.
Pausing for a moment to take an annual in-front-of-the-Christmas-tree photo.
Yes, my boys love their kitchen set. The mess is getting bigger.
Hooray, an ironing board cover from my parents! (But I thought it was pretty good that they noticed we needed one!)
I love the look of concentration on his face.
James wanted to play with the old toys.
And maybe page through a new book. He will never let me turn the pages or read books to him. Books are for flipping through.
More mess. And I had to take a picture of one of my presents--an umbrella light for photography. I made everyone dodge it so I could get decent Christmas morning pics.
LOVING the new bike. We've ridden it multiple times every day this week. He's getting the hang of balancing on it a little bit. And sometimes he just walks with it. Either way, he loves it. We were out riding yesterday and he stopped and stood up and said, "My bum hurts." He stood for a minute and then said, "It's all better!" Way to go, Isaac, don't let saddle soreness get you down!

Blake got some random computer things, a printer, razor, shoes, etc. My big gift was a Silhouette. I've only done one test run and one cutting out a fabric HAPPY BIRTHDAY for a new birthday banner, but it's super cool and fun. What should I cut out next?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas card

Please pretend that a hand-addressed envelope arrived in your mailbox. This was inside:

2 busy busy parents
0 things we would change if we could
1 joy-schooling, fast-running, always-talking 3-year old
1 red-haired, toddling Mama's boy

Gingerbread houses

We had a fun time making gingerbread houses with some friends. Next time I think we need to do it with someone who isn't going to make ours look lousy, though!

Yes, this last one is ours. Put to shame. But I do get some credit for making the gingerbread, right?
Isaac was making me laugh in this outfit he was in the other day and how he was doing some serious digging.
Isaac's latest thing is writing! I don't know where he picked it up, because I never really brought it up, but all of a sudden he's writing letters.
If you can make it out, he wrote a mom down at the bottom and two Isaac's (he thinks he has O's in his name instead of A's.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving plus it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I was lucky to get some family to visit me for Thanksgiving. Blake had to work all day--6 AM to 8:30 PM. Andrew and Anne came out from Utah. We went to Ted Drewes, of course.

We celebrated Thanksgiving on Wednesday so Blake could eat with us. It was awesome because Thanksgiving we didn't have to cook at all (except making pie and more mashed potatoes) and we ate turkey 3 times. dinner lunch dinner.
Apple pie, Andrew's request.

Candied sweet potatoes were Anne's request.
I love how Blake wears his new Cardinals t-shirt everywhere. We're such fair-weather fans--we've lived here for 4 years but once they won the big one in October, Blake finally got a t-shirt.

We went for a turkey trot with the kids since Blake was working and I couldn't let Andrew and Anne run without me! Usually James is such a peaceful running companion. I love to take just him because he will just sit and watch the cars pass. Isaac will usually complain "I don't want to go to the park! It's too cold, mommy! Goldfish! ..." but ironically during the race Isaac was silent the whole time just watching everyone and the other strollers and dogs and James cried off and on. yes, it's me again, the lady with the crying kids. Sometimes it feels like it's always me. He may have been cold--it was unusually chilly that morning. We took turns pushing the stroller (2 miles each) but it didn't slow down Andrew or Anne at all. I however, am not used to running fast so I was dead when we finished our 6 miles in under an hour. ok, I know that's not fast at all but I was still dying.

My first real race ever!
That afternoon we went for a lovely walk in Forest Park. It's always so lovely there.
I love this--my 6'2" brother stooping over helping 2' tall James walk.
Mouth full of his staple--peanut butter sandwich.

We went to Pappy's (bbq), which was totally worth the 30 minute wait, and went on walks and played games and watched movies. It's always nice to have family in our house --it makes it feel more like home. And it is hard when they leave.

It's getting colder and looking more like Christmas around here. I snapped some pictures of what our home looks around this time.
Blake really wanted a full-size tree this year so we bought the cheapest one we could find to last us a couple years. It does the job.

I've never had stockings since we've never been here for Christmas, but since we're not going to Utah this year, I am making some. One done, three to go. Not sure I'll make it, but as long as we have at least two we'll be good, right?
Isaac is in a backpack phase right now. He stuffs it with stuffed animals and clothes and whatever and he'll pack it all over. I've started leaving his clothes down on the washing machine because I'm so tired of his clothes getting all over the house. He's loving the Christmas season and taking off a link in our countdown chain every day. He makes us laugh when he says things like "Happy Birthday Jesus" or "mommy, you fooled the fire department. you be in time out." (Curious George)

James is still holding on to my hand to walk. I don't mind following him around everywhere but I do think he' not giving himself enough credit because he could totally rock the walking thing. He loves balls and that was his third word--after mom and dad. And now he's becoming enchanted with balloons. He will make a beeline down the hill of our playground to the balloons that say "lease today!". We went to a party yesterday and took a balloon home and he calls it "ba-oo". Cutest. Never gets old.