Saturday, June 14, 2014

2 months

Time seems so hazy when you have a little baby.  William is already/finally 2 months old.  This week all of a sudden he has really settled down and smiles almost every day and goes down so much easier to sleep.  I have gone from holding him about 22 hours a day at his peak of fussiness to holding him 6-10 hours a day.  He generally does two really good 4-5 hour stretches at night. Hooray for sleeping in the crib!  It's a good thing because life with three energetic boys at home all day gets very busy.  

Here is my mom's last day at our house back in May.
Oh, the elusive smile.  Now we see it a little more often.
Wait, was I supposed to smile?
What is that black thing in front of your face?  (Will, you will get to know it well...)
Another crazy picture of James, in case you haven't seen enough already.

The pool is freezing!  But the kids love to go anyway.  
Isaac was so excited to try out his diving set from Christmas.  He waited a long time to use it. 

This year James will kick around the pool by himself--I can't remember if he would ever do that last year.

This is Isaac's last day of school.  I asked him what he thought would be fun to do to celebrate and he thought making a cake and decorating it would be fun.  I was thinking more like watching a movie or going to a park, but luckily the baby slept long enough for us to do a cake. 

"Isaac is out of school!"
I cut out a Soulard walking tour out of the newspaper and we went to go for a walk only to realize it was 2.5 miles long.  And we didn't bring a we drove the walking tour and then drove up to Citygarden to walk around it instead. 
William-June 1

James looks so tall to me in this picture. 

Isaac and James wish Will would play with them.  He really just cries when he's on the ground or when James squeezes him.  But he's getting happier and happier as the days go by so maybe soon he will interact with them. 

This is one of Isaac's many birthday celebrations.  We did a last minute friend birthday party with a few friends.  Isaac picked out some ice cream sandwiches and we went to the pool.  It was nice and easy for me.   Isaac and I counted that we did things for his birthday on seven days.  One day we celebrated with my mom.  One day at school. One day with friends.  One day as a family at the Family Fun Center where we got pizza and played games like skee ball and stomp on the spider. One day we went with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Kent to Target to buy toys.  One day we sang happy birthday and did cake and opened presents.  The day it was his birthday he went to the zoo to ride the train and later watched a movie with popcorn and got chicken nuggets for dinner.  It was just a crazy year with things all over the place. 

Blake's parents came to visit.  Blake crammed in a million things to do with them on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Zoo, Science Center, Magic House, etc. We were able to bless William with his Blake's dad in the circle.  Will only cried at the very end...Later that afternoon we went downtown to take photos.  I love how James is ready to go and smile.

So here we are, St. Louis family of five. 
Grandpa, Grandma, and Isaac and James.

He is so sweet. 

Another birthday celebration. 

 William is seriously so much calmer now.  
Although it was very difficult to get a picture for his blessing day.  None turned out on his blessing day and I have tried two other times to do it, so I am giving up.  William was blessed in this outfit and looked about like this. 
Best one, I think.
William-June 14-about two months old.
Isaac wanted me to post this picture so he could be famous as "Jack and the Beanstalk".