Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Our trip to Lake Sebago, Maine

First things first, after a long plane ride with three little boys, ...a little relaxing. 

It was such a beautiful house on a peninsula--water everywhere.

Will is getting so social and smiled at everyone on the plane.
The big kids liked the pool table. 
Isaac and James dug in the sand nonstop.  

my brother Jeremiah and his son Noah
Megan, Jeremiah,Noah
plus Zeke

Maine lobster dinner

Blake showing off finishing his lobster.  I took a tiny bite.

John and Elisa planned this family reunion.  It was so beautiful and fun and relaxing and we had perfect weather. 

James was thrilled there were swings. 
Family home evening cooking smores after a reenactment of Peter casting his net on the other side. 

cousin Hannah

If you are wondering what the kids were laughing about--they were changing the lyrics to "everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a (fill in the blank)".  It was hilarious.
Just a little in-between-meal of finger.
Blueberry castle
This is Isaac, but James would stand at the drawbridge saying, "No girls allowed!  Now girls welcome!"  (from the Berenstain Bears)

We had lots of fun canoeing.  I liked the little kayaks the best--so easy to paddle and low in the water. 
Hannah and Jeremiah
Bekah, Zeke, Megan
Zeke, Megan
Ferry-ing to Peak's Island

Sam, Elisa, Kate, Bekah

We headed down to a beach on Peak's Island.
It wasn't pretty but as soon as we got there Isaac started running around and came back to me, saying excitedly, "This is exactly what I wanted to do!  Collect shells!"  He filled a bag with clam shells, snail shells, and even found a full, intact crab shell. 
Going back to Portland with our booty.
Will had to sleep on the go--which he's just a little too old for now, so it was difficult to fly/travel with him.  When we were just at the cabin hanging out in the water it was great because he could sleep on his own little schedule. 

James liked the rocks he collected on the beach the best.
We visited a lighthouse while in Portland.  The name escapes me.  This was the one day it truly rained. 
Super pretty.

So, just like that, we went to Maine and now it is over.  Sad.  But so fun while we were there and definitely a trip to remember.  We had a horrible time flying home with delays that had us arriving home after 1 AM.  My nice brother picked us up and we squeezed our family in his accord instead of having Blake take the metro home, which was the original plan. I crawled into bed at 1:52.  (To be awakened 3 hours later to nurse, and then an hour later, and then an hour later...)