Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We finally got the internet at home! It is soo nice. I am writing this from the comfort of the floor of the hallway. Yes, the wireless is not working and the only working phone jack in our apartment is in Isaac's room, so we have an ethernet cable running under his door. But hey, I'm not at the library so life is good.

Here is a requested video of Isaac waving.

So, I am like WAY proud that I had anything to do with Citygarden. It is a sculpture park that just opened up downtown. I designed all of the attachments from sculpture to ground. Wow, the random things that I have designed in my two years as a structural engineer. This is only one of the few finished products that I've actually gotten to see. Anyway, it's the coolest park and Isaac liked to walk around so I think we will make many future trips.

Yes, that was my idea. Continuous clips. Aluminum. Painted to match sculpture. Checked for bending under wind loads and an estimated live load of an person pushing on it. Aluminum is not my strong subject so hopefully it doesn't fail!

We also went to Grant's Farm. Sorry again to Logan and Sarah who were supposed to meet us there but missed the last tram by 15 minutes. My fault for not checking closing times. Isaac loved to pet the goats.

Blake got his score from Step 1 of the boards and he was happy so I'm happy. Phew, that one's over. Here's a picture of Blake's first day on the job in scrubs.