Tuesday, April 30, 2013

counting my blessings

instead of dwelling on things I can't change.

1.  Blake has only 7 weeks left of his second year of residency!  We are almost halfway done. We can't believe we've almost made it through practically a full year of 30 hour shifts every fourth day.

2.  Isaac is the sweetest son.  This weekend he came up to me a few times and hugged me and said, "I'm so glad Heavenly Father gave me a mom who would [make dinosaurs with me]."  [insert whatever we were doing at the time.]  He has been saying the funniest things lately.  Like we were talking about how James was sick a week ago and he needed medicine.  Isaac said, "But remember there are those things that get the germs in your blood." I said, "Yes, in that Magic School Bus book it talked about how the white blood cells eat the bad germs."  Isaac said, "Our body is like a super hero! It can fight whatever germs you want!"  Also,  we were noticing people playing at the park as we walked home from church on Sunday and we were talking about how some people don't believe in Heavenly Father or go to church like we do.  Isaac said, "Yeah, some people think Heavenly Father is made of glass."  I thought: how true that is.  Some people think they can look through Heavenly Father and see what they want to see.

3.  James is learning new things every day.  He will tilt his head and look at me and ask a question, like, "Backhoe towing? Go home?" referring to how we watched the backhoe being towed away from its work site near our home.  Or he will say, "Daddy go to work?  Hospital? Ambulance?" And I will explain again how Daddy helps the sick people in the hospital and the ambulances can bring the sick people to him but Daddy doesn't drive the ambulance.  He also has a new thing every day he has to do "by myself." Lately it is his seat belt.  And putting his shorts and shoes on (backwards).  He is starting to notice letters since Isaac does that, and his favorite letter is "w".  In fact, if you ask him his birthday, he will respond: "w. 5."  He gets very upset when an "N" isn't a "w".

4. Beautiful outdoors.  Sometimes we will decide dinner is over-rated and go to the park instead.  We love going to Wehner park.  We will take balls and go from playground to soccer field to tennis court to a different playground to a different soccer field.  We feed the kids muffins or sandwiches and oranges and then Blake and I eat something after the kids go to bed.

5.  Healthy body.  Blake and I have been on a health kick.  Blake has been getting buff doing the Insanity dvds.  I have been running or doing Insanity every day and also have been counting calories and figuring out how high calorie my dinners are.  I have lost 4 out of the 5 pounds I wanted to lose to get back to my pre-kids weight.  I have been loving my outdoor running time listening to my iPod.  Blake has lost some weight too.

6. Good books.  Lately I have been reading Les Mis.  I really like it.  The only downside is the music that pertains to the part I am reading gets in my head and I think of it all day.  I have been collecting quotes for my quote book.  I always love a good quotable book.  One of my favorites so far is: "There are geniuses who, in the fathomless depths of abstraction and pure speculation--situated, so to speak above all dogmas--present their ideas to God.  Their prayer audaciously offers an argument.  Their worship questions.  This is direct religion, filled with anxiety and responsibility for those who would scale its walls....Certainly, these tremendous reveries have their moral use; and by these arduous routes there is an approach to ideal perfection.  But for his part, he took the short cut--the Gospels....Love one another: He declared that to be complete; he desired nothing more, and it was his whole doctrine....Monsieur Bienvenu was simply a man who accepted these mysteries without examining them, without stirring them up, and without troubling his own mind about them; and who had in his soul a deep respect for the mystery that surrounded them."

7.  Good friends.  We play with friends almost every day.  Not always the same ones, but all friends.  It is so great to have people we can count on to entertain and help us.  Isaac's friends he does preschool with learned how to ride their bikes a month ago.  Brinley learned on Friday.  Peter saw her, so he learned how on Saturday morning.  Isaac saw him, so he learned Saturday afternoon.  Isaac has been already balancing on his little balance bike so teaching him to ride a big bike was as simple as letting go and he did it.  It is so fun to watch him ride circles in the church parking lot.

Ok, that's all I have time for.  Wow, I have a really awesome life, right?  I love my little family.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

easter with jer and megs

My brother Jeremiah and his family Megan, Hannah, and Zeke came down from Chicago for Easter.  I was so glad they came down because I definitely needed the company.  It is always good to see family.  The kids all had a great time with their cousins.  We went to rocketship park on friday after they drove in.  On Saturday Blake had the day off so we all went to the zoo.  

James sometimes does not want his picture taken!

Later that day we did an easter egg hunt at home while it rained.  We had each kid have a different color egg to find, which I think works out really well.  Isaac and James got some new outdoor toys from the easter bunny and they are loving them.  They got a big rake, shovel, and brush.  Also sidewalk chalk and a slinky.  We had a nice easter meal of potatoes and ham.

On Sunday we went to church and I was so glad to have family to sit with since Blake was on call.  I hate when he is on call on Sunday!  Afterwards we had a nice little walk around Citygarden.  The light was so lovely for photos. 

What a cute family.

Come on, smile!

Got to show off St. Louis' arch

Hooray! James smiled for me!

Goofy 4-year olds

On Monday we got some delicious Pappy's smokehouse and then had to say goodbye.  I had a rough day Tuesday recovering emotionally from the let-down.  Thanks for visiting!  It was tons of fun!

happy birthday marie

Blake and the kids made me sit in the car for 15 minutes while they set up a scavenger hunt to find my birthday present.  It was very cute and the boys loved it.  Then we had pizza and Blake made me a delicious yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  

The weekend before we went to the Shrewsbury Easter Egg Hunt.  It was a little cold but way fun.

I think the easter bunny was keeping his head on (it was a little windy). 

Isaac has been into taking silly pictures lately.  

The easter bunny arrived on a fire truck--how awesome is that for little boys?

And of course we had to get a picture by the ambulance too. 

Then Blake kept my camera and took way close ups of me.  He calls this my "you're doing something wrong" face. 

More silly faces. 

James got so excited waiting for the door to open to pick up eggs.  They did the 1-3 year old egg hunt first in the tennis courts. 

It was so cute watching him pick the eggs he wanted.  He got a full basket.  

Then it was Isaac's turn.  He was super speedy and also got a full bucket.

Checking out the loot (there were tickets for prizes but we didn't get any).